John Mair, 1467-1550

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1467* in Gleghorine (southern Scotland); grammar school in the nearby Haddington
?Begin of studies in Cambridge (in the Godhouse, the later Christ’s College)
~1492Paris: artes studies
1494magister artium (at the Collège de Saint Barbe)
1495Teacher of philosophy at the Collège de Montaigu; at the same time inception in theology at the Collège de Navarre
1506magister theologiae
Teaching of philosophy and theology, publication of numerous works (of his own and of others)
1517Return to Scotland, first as Principal of the Glasgow university,
1523then as treasurer of the ‘Chapel Royal’ at St. Andrews university
1526Return to Paris, revisions of allmost all of his major works
1528Naturalization in France
1531Definite return to Scotland, unknown functions at St. Andrews university
1550† in St. Andrews
A (far from complete) database with descriptions of the known printed works of John Mair (currently 63 titles). You can either list them all for a first overview, or use the search screen to get the works on a specific topic.

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An almost complete list of Mair's printed works is to be found in Farge, James K.: Bibliographical Register of Paris Doctors of Theology, 1500-1536, Toronto (Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies) 1980, pp. 308-311.
A database with secondary sources on John Mair. You can either list them all (currently 185 titles), or use the search screen to get the literature on a specific topic.

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An extensive bibliography up to 1978 is to be found in Charles Lohr: «Renaissance Latin Aristotle Commentaries» s.v. Maior (Renaissance Quarterly 31 [1978], 558s.).

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