A history of Greater Bri... (Edinburgh 1892)

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Full title: A history of Greater Britain as well England as Scotland, comp. from the ancient authorities by John Major, by name indeed a Scot, but by profession a theologian, 1521. Tr. from the original Latin and ed. with notes by Archibald Constable, to which is prefixed a life of the author by AEneas J. G. Mackay ...
Location: Edinburgh Year: 1892 Printer: University Press
Standardized: Historia maioris Britanniae


Other editions: Historia maioris Britanniae tam Angliae quam Scotiae, per Ioannem Maio... (1521)
Historia Majoris Britanniae, tam Angliae quam Scotiae, per Joannem Maj... (1740)
Keywords: history
References: LCCN 07038645


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Description: cxxxv, 476 p. 2 facsim. 23 cm.
Notes: Appendices compiled by Thomas Graves Law: I. Bibliography of John Major and his disciples, p. [403]-417. II. Prefaces to Major's works, p. [418]-450.