Exponibilia magistri Ioa... (Paris 1499)

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Full title: Exponibilia magistri Ioannis Maioris Scoti
Location: Paris Year: 1499 Printers: Guy Marchant
Denis Roce
Standardized: Summulae logicales


Other editions: Exponibilia magistri Johannis Majoris (1503)
Acutissimi artium interpretis magistri Ioannis Maioris In Petri Hyspan... (1506)
Keywords: logic
References: ISTC im00084300
INKA 23002358
GW M20074


Online: » Freiburg
Libraries: Freiburg, UB, Ink. B 1699
Palma, BP, * IB-BPM
Vatican, BAV, Prop.Fide.III.88


Description: in 4°
Notes: There must have been a copy in the Stadtbibliothek of Trier (cf. ISTC-reference) which seems to be lost (?).