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Brunstetter, Daniel Reed.: The Conquest of Paradigms: The Discovery of the New World and the Rise of Modernity. Ph.D Thesis. University of California, Davis. . (2005), John Major: 23, 161

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Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda
Bartholomé de las Casas

Meier-Oeser, Stephan: Frank, H.: «Art. Zeichen I». In: Historisches Wörterbuch der Philosophie 12. (2005), 1155-1179


Wood, Juliette: «Where does Britain end? The reception of Geoffrey of Monmouth in Scotland and Wales». In: Purdie, Rhiannon and Royan, Nicola (ed.): The Scots and Medieval Arthurian Legend (Arthurian Studies 61). Cambridge: 2005, 9-23

Concerns the prominence given to Arthur in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia regum Britanniae and the treatment of this legendary king in Scottish and Welsh chronicles, discussing how Geoffrey's view of history offered a means to articulate relationships between Wales and Scotland, notably with respect to England, and how the notion of Arthur as king of Britain provided a focus for defining identity and difference within the British world